busy bee

I have procrastinated writing this for… three weeks? And so much has happened! I finished the semester, which meant a finals week of meals-that-aren’t-really-meals.


What self-respecting human dumps garbanzo beans on a plate like that and calls it dinner? This one. That’s who.


Couscous salad was a little bit more acceptable but still kind of a cooking cop out. Put couscous in water, wait five minutes, combine with pre-cut vegetables. Eat off the only plate I left at school after half-moving home (which I do not, by the way, recommend. Do it all at once. Trust the girl who, three weeks later, still hasn’t totally unpacked).

Then I spent an awesome, totally vegetable-free weekend at Vassar! It was beautiful and sunny and raucous.


After which my life turned into this.





Everyday. On repeat. Which is part of the reason I put off writing this for so long. As much as I wanted to say something, I didn’t feel like I had anything to say. It’s gotten a little bit boring around here. Plus I totally forgot to document the delicious (in my humble opinion) Mother’s Day muffins I made.

But I’m going to change this! There will be more cooking in my now fully equipped kitchen! And muffins will be recreated and photographed! And I will stop eating bread and lettuce every single day for lunch because it’s no fun anymore!

I did go on a bona fide business trip, though. To Harrisburg, capital of Pennsylvania. I’ll leave you with a pretty picture of that and the promise of some actual content in the coming days. Happy almost summer!



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