coconut crazed

If you don’t like coconut, I’m sorry. Stop reading because none of the following will apply to you. Also feel free to send me any Mounds, Almond Joys, macaroons, and baklava that comes your way. I’ll eat it all.

My liking for coconut has become more of an obsession lately as I discovered, and subsequently bought an entire carton of, coconut milk.


Now, I found it in the dairy section along with all the other milks (almond, soy, cow, etc.) so I just used it on my cereal for about a week.  Then I realized it has higher power: it’s like subtly flavored coconut heaven, lighter than ice cream or oil but still thick and creamy.

Enter tropical smoothies.


I found a bag of frozen pineapple sitting in my freezer, conveniently waiting to be thrown into my Magic Bullet (yes, I own one. You’re probably jealous. I got it for Christmas and considering that I do not own a real blender, food processor, or, um, oven, use it to defend my culinary prowess on the daily. Get on my level) with some bananas, spinach and coconut milk.




It was tasty. You should make one.

Despite the alleged health benefits of green smoothies, I got pretty sick this weekend. Boo. My friends supplied me with boxes of tissues, an excess of echinacea, and hours of Netflix-watching while I sniffled, but come this morning I only wanted one thing: coconut soup.

SEE?! It’s an obsession! I don’t know why, but I could not stop thinking about the coconut soup from the Indian restaurant near my house. After some online digging, I found a recipe that seemed easy, called for ingredients I already owned, and that I could adapt to suit my (veganish) needs.

I heated up some olive oil and added about a quarter cup of shredded coconut to saute.


Added slivered almonds a few minutes later, then honey, cinnamon, and Dukkah.


Although the online recipe called for fennel and nutmeg and other things I didn’t have, I did have Dukkah and decided to use it instead. I really like the little crunch it gave each bite. Also the label made me want to soak some toasty bread in olive oil and smother this stuff all over it. Or something.


When that whole mess is bubbly and evenly mixed, pour in your coconut milk.


Let it heat up (but not boil) whilst stirring, then pour into bowls and slurp! I’d say mine was about three servings but that depends on how hungry you are. I’d also point out that it’s SUPER SWEET. Much like my beloved Shere-E-Punjab coconut soup, but still. I liked dipping my toast in it but would have been overwhelmed by a huge bowl.



I’m almost done with my carton of coconut milk, but at Trader Joe’s yesterday I noticed an entire SHELF devoted to coconut products! Can I help it that they make me so happy?

Have a splendid week!


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