Three Spring Salads

Apparently my complaining last week reached someone important because we’ve had three days of BEAUTIFUL weather! I might even say it’s a bit too hot (eighty five degrees in April is a lot) but I fear offending the weather gods and having it turn back.


Spring (er, more like summer) weather can be so inspiring. No more sweet potato and hummus dinners! Put that soup pot away! Go buy a watermelon! Bring out the baguettes and strawberries- let’s have a picnic!


Or, dare I say, eat a salad!

Salads get a bad rap. I know, I know, they can be gross and unfulfilling and leave you unsatisfied with green stuff stuck in every other tooth. Those salads suck. But THESE salads do not. They’re light enough to pair with a hefty slice of bread (if you ask me, every meal should involve bread, but that’s beside the point) without leaving you dragging. And they’re just so pretty.



My (current) favorite restaurant is Sabrina’s Cafe, and my (current) favorite dish on their menu is the Field Salad- strawberries, blueberries, candied walnuts, dried apricots and goat cheese atop greens with a raspberry vinaigrette. I mean, I’ll pick it over the stuffed french toast which is really saying something.


Here in Kat’s kitchen, we adapt and do not own fancy things like candied walnuts and oodles of expensive berries. But strawberries on a spring salad are sort of awesome and honey roasted peanuts are a close second to those walnuts. A homemade vinaigrette and some greens and we’re in business!



So this one kind of happened by accident. I’ve been craving Mexican food but am too poor/lazy to go out to get any, so I just put Mexican staples on… everything. Including, apparently, salads! Tortilla chips (red hot blues from Garden of Eatin’ which I am addicted to), black beans, and salsa. If I were really cool I’d make my own salsa but I’m…not.


The only meh part of this was that I found out the hard way NOT to pack it up with the tortillas in close proximity to the salsa. Soggy chips = sad Kat.

This next one needs a bit on an introduction but is supremely awesome. So. I promise there’s a point to this story.

In December, I went on a trip completely alone for the first time pretty much ever. I went to Ireland because I wanted to and I was living relatively nearby and decided why-the-hell-not.

It was so fun.

I could do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted to, meet cool new friends, and be totally independent. I could also eat entirely vegetarian without anyone nagging me to buck up and eat a steak already (or something. It happens). On my first night I went to Cornucopia and LOVED it. So good. Please go. I had some dish that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of, but I took a picture!


That thing in the upper right hand corner? It was this cakey thing that involved polenta and tofu and had the most amazing flavor combination: basil and coconut. I know it sounds crazy, but they’re so good together. I’ve been dreaming of it for months and decided to just go for it yesterday when I picked up these:


See where this is going?


Basics underneath (baby spinach, carrots, red peppah) with coconut chips and pesto on top. It’s so tasty without being heavy and leaves plenty of room for the aforementioned bread, or, like, ice cream. I definitely went to Ben and Jerry’s free cone day yesterday. Twice. Whatever.  I had salad for lunch, right?


So go! Buy a bag of “greens” (confession: I hate that word. Yeah, they’re green. Just say kale or whatever) and a tub of berries or whatever catches your fancy. Chocolate chips + roasted coconut chips + almonds = Almond Joy salad! Anyone? No? Alright. I’ll be over here enjoying the sun…while it lasts…


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