Punxsutawney Phil Lied.

I always used to say spring was my favorite season. Maybe it was because, you know, I like flowers and dresses and bunnies as much as the next person (probably more when it comes to bunnies but that’s another story). I realized recently though that spring is more of an illusion than an actual season. Sixty degrees and sunny one day, frigid and windy the next. It’s deceptive and I do not approve.

So while I’d love to be celebrating all those butterflies and white thingies that fall from the trees and get stunk in your hair/eyes/general self, I am not. I am cold and so I am going to continue consuming my winter staples.


Perhaps I should rename the blog kateatsveggiesandislazy because this is ANOTHER very lazy meal (but it’s pretty which makes it look complicated, right? right? anybody?)


Sauteed kale beneath a heaping helping of couscous and tofu triangles. Put some hummus and hot sauce on top and we’re in business!


It’s warm and hearty and filling but healthy so you don’t have to think twice about eating all of that half-priced Easter candy…


Yes, I needed two bags of mini-eggs. Vegans don’t eat ANY of the above and I need to, ah, reset. Don’t I?

Chocolate and cheese are back in my life, though in a very limited manner. But a girl can be excited about her first melty, delicious, cheesy garlic bread in a couple of months.


Or a celebrity sighting…


I was putting my coat down in a theater this weekend and saw Hurley from LOST behind me! It was ridiculous! Creepy picture-taking was necessary.

Well, I’m off to work on my post-Easter candy, finish Scandal on netflix my thesis prospectus, and keep refreshing the weather page on my phone. Have a lovely and hopefully warm(er) week!


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