birthday eats

March birthdays are… deceptive. I always assume that by the time my birthday rolls around, flowers will be budding and bunnies will be hopping around while cute families stroll along drinking iced coffee because hot coffee will be way too hot for the beautiful, sunny seventy-degree weather. In reality it looks more like this:


So I was pleasantly surprised when last Friday was GORGEOUS!


If you can’t tell from the view, I got in a stellar run to the art museum and took a break to look out at the city. It’s one of my favorite views.


Birthday run tend to be the best runs.

But moving on to the food! I’ve been on a majoy hummus kick lately. I put it on/in everything. No, really. Couscous? Better with hummus.


(also peas, carrots, onions, and hot sauce. but mostly hummus)


Or the-greatest-thing-you’ve-never-heard-of: sweet potato and hummus. Please try it. You really won’t regret it (but when you begin investing in 6-pound bags of sweet potatoes and family-seized tubs of hummus, you know you’ve crossed to the dark side. It’s a good place to be.)


Sigh. So good.

But all hummus aside, birthdays really rock my socks. I’ll admit one of my biggest worries with the vegan-for-lent idea was the fact that my birthday falls in the middle of it. I’ve gotta say, though, it was a pretty delicious birthday. There was brunch at Sabrina’s – tofu scramble with le bus multi grain and sweet potato fries.


And what does one eat for dessert on one’s vegan birthday?


An EDIBLE ARRANGEMENT. I died. So happy. But it’s hard to stick a candle in a melon, so….


Vegan cupcakes. I died (…again). They definitely tasted different from normal cupcakes, but it was really fun to taste all of the different flavors. Who knew oatmeal cupcakes were so awesome?!


And I got to see that cute lil face. Can I have another birthday next week?


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