Coffee & Comfort

So I’ve been living off of comfort food and coffee. It’s just been one of those weeks where there isn’t time to stop and think, let alone prepare creative meals.

Sweet potato fries are sort of my ultimate comfort food. No, really. They’re starchy, crunchy, kind of sweet, BUT they are made from a superfood so there’s no guilt factor. Well. In my mind, anyways!

I definitely would not recommend making your own and realizing that they require, like, 3 ingredients and 15 minutes.


Nuke your potato for a minute or two to soften it up, then slice it into fries (I had a MASSIVE sweet potato so I only used half).


Pour a tablespoon or two of oil into a frying plan and let em sizzle! Flip regularly and ten minutes or so later you’ll have something like this! Tossed with some salt and garlic powdah.


With some black bean soup that I can’t take credit for (is it bad that I feel accomplished just cooking HALF of my lunch? Hmm)


But about that coffee I’m subsisting on? I actually had an awesome coffee experience and a really negative one this week.

With the vegan diet I’m on, I need soymilk to put in my cuppa when I get it from a coffeeshop. Turns out Starbucks charges sixty cents for soymilk. To put in my coffee. That I already paid, like $2.50 for. Stupid.


However, I branched out and tried Hubbub, a coffee truck on campus and got a soy latte for the same price as a regular one! This has never ever happened before and totally made my day. It was a lot better than generic Startbucks lattes, too. And had two shots of espresso instead of one. Heehee

And why, you may ask, did I need so much comfort and caffeine this week? I’ve been a busy bee! Midterms, meetings, and application deadlines for summer internships are all catching up to me. Although I’d have to say the highlight of my week was the career fair I went to yesterday. And (hint hint) it wasn’t because of how many career opportunities I found. I talked to five companies, gave my resume to one (the rep was quite an eager beaver…not sure why he thinks I’m at all qualified to work in satellite imaging?), and got an impressive loot of free stuff!


A t-shirt from Dropbox and a water bottle from Burger King accompanied me to the gym last night. I also got sunglasses from the Gap, chapstick from New York Presbyterian Hospital (?!), and a pen. YAY FREE STUFF!

Hope y’all have a relaxing and tasty weekend!


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