rachel’s kale & egg wreaths

I guess this story starts out when I started craving eggs about a week ago. I know, it’s weird (and also a weird way to start a blog post but whatever). I realized that I hadn’t had scrambled eggs for months and eggs are one of those foods that I really can go months without eating and not really care, but then when I want some I’m like GOTTAHAVEITORIWILLDIE.

Yeah. So that was me last week. Instead of just, you know, going out and buying a dozen eggs (I have a fear of commitment and let’s face it- twelve eggs is a lot. And yes, I know they come in packages of six but…well…I’m probably just the laziest person ever. Meh) I would just talk about how much I was craving eggs. Like all the time. To everyone. And color me thehappiestpersonever (I know, I know, that’s not a color…does the phrase still work? Can we make it work?) when my friend Rachel went “Kat, I have a dozen eggs in my room. Let me make you scrambled eggs, okay?”

HELLO GREATEST FRIEND EVER. And the thing is, Rachel didn’t just have eggs in her kitchen. Oh no. She had eggs and KALE! And after a very satisfying plate of scrambled eggs, she showed me how to combine eggs and kale into an aesthetically pleasing AND delicious meal. Does it get any better than that?


No. It does not get any better.


Sautee your kale with salt, pepper, and a significant amount of olive oil until it gets dark green.


Push the kale aside to create a hole in the middle. Plop in an egg and let it fry. When the egg is done it should bind the kale wreath together, allowing you to slide the whole thing out of the pan and onto a plate.



(Apparently Jasper likes kale, too)


It takes some work to get the technique right- the kale needs to be well done but not quite burnt, and obviously it’s prettier if the yoke hasn’t broken. But either way, it’s good enough that I might just buy my own eggs now.

But no promises.


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