Williamsburg & Sandwiches

It may have taken six hours on a train, an entire bag of peanutbutter pretzels, and 200 pages of my book to get there, but I had an awesome time in Williamsburg, VA last weekend.



As a student living in a city, I always forget how beautiful and open suburban/rural campuses are. I also forget that it’s not normal to have three Starbucks on campus…but I think the fresh air makes that worth it!


My cousin goes to school in Williamsburg and she was an excellent tour guide for the weekend. I always forget that not every college is like mine, if that makes sense. People were so friendly and preppy and relaxed (not that they aren’t here! Just… not as much). I kept saying “WOW THERE ARE SO MANY TREES!” and “OHMYGOD IT’S SO CUTE!” I mean, the view out of her dorm is of this adorable little house and some flowers. Mine is of…Chiptotle and a burger place. It was definitely a nice change of pace.


One of the best places we went to was the Cheese Shop- apparently known for their sandwiches. I, for one, was impressed with my veggie sandwich.


Don’t ask me what’s in it because I have no idea (other than AWESOMENESS) but it inspired me to do some sandwich experimentin’ once home. I was making a grilled cheese to accompany my salad for lunch (that’s a lie. I really just wanted to eat the grilled cheese but figured that if I put salad next to it, it would become healthy. Rationalizing is my best quality) when I decided to just put some salad…into…my grilled cheese.


Honey mustard, (vegan) shredded cheddar, and spinach on multi grain.


That was on Monday and I’ve officially eaten an entire loaf of bread in the form of these sandwiches. They’re sweet, spicy, melty, and healthy-because-they-have-spinach-in-them-right?


The salad was surprisingly delicious too: baked tofu, mixed veggies (corn, soybeans, red peppers), and spicy peanut dressing on baby spinach.



And the snow this weekend is perfect grilled sammich weather, in my opinion. Better go buy another loaf of bread!


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