When I woke up today it was 12 degrees outside. The guy walking to class in front of me looked like he was preparing for the Day After Tomorrow or something


And it isn’t even socially unacceptable to look like this! I have seen so many of those furry hats with earflaps I’m beginning to wish I owned one. The weather people keep calling this a cold snap but I prefer to think of it as a cold smack. As in, smack-you-in-the-face. But before I braved the horrendous outdoors this morning, I found a way to incorporate my soy yogurt into breakfast.


My vanilla soy yogurt base held up some (frozen) blueberries and toast with peanutbutter. The blueberries were meh, but I liked how the toast absorbed the yogurt after a little while. I had honestly never thought to combine the two but I would do it again.

By the time I had walked home from class in the FREEZING WIND I had made two decisions: I was having soup for lunch and I was not going back outside for the rest of the day.


As much as I love soup it’s rarely filling enough on it’s own so I like to dump in some extras. I had a wee bit of soy cheese left and an unopened package of chicken-less strips in the fridge so in they went!


With tortilla chips, of course. The cheese was a little lost, flavor-wise but that may have just been the fast that it’s not….real cheese? It’s pretty bland already but I bet if I’d used real cheddar and a bit more of it that would have been awesome.

Since I decided to hibernate for the rest of the day, I came to terms with the reality of my messy room.


It’s one thing to have a messy room and an entirely different thing to do more than just sleep in it. So while the snow fell outside, I accomplished this:


Much better 🙂 Now I’ll NEVER have to leave!


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