Comfort Food

Hooray for Martin Luther King Jr., presidential inaugurations, and days off from school! I decided to head home for the day for some quality puppy kitchen time.

Sometimes I forget how green and forest-y the suburbs can look compared to the city. Case in point:


Oh, trees! And a creek thingy! Would ya look at that!


Puppy was happy to see me and enjoyed playing fetch and barking at squirrels.

My mom and I were having tea and discussing roasted vegetables when we realized that we’d both recently read this amazing recipe for roasted chickpeas and decided to try it out. Twenty minutes later we had a slew of crunchy, addictive crispy chickpeas.


I am excited to put them in soups and salads this week, assuming I don’t eat them all by the handful. But with only four ingredients, they’re dangerously easy to make again…

For dinner, my mom had found a recipe in the New York Times this week that caught her eye and we decided to test it out alongside one of my favorite comfort foods, tofu stir fry.


The cauliflower was so delicious! It was nice and filling (not something I expected from a vegetable-based dish, but I guess all of that olive oil helped!) and I loved the cheesiness. My beloved tofu stir fry turned out lovely as always.


Stir frying is an easy way to incorporate vegetables, grains, and protein without a whole lot of effort or dirty dishes. Especially if you’re lazy like I am and have frozen vegetables, pre-baked tofu (another reason I love Trader Joe’s…) and some pasta on-hand. Just heat up a pan with a few tablespoons of oil and dump in the tofu, defrosted veggies, cooked pasta and maybe some marinade. Who said cooking had to be difficult?

That being said, tonight my mom lovingly baked the tofu herself and cut up FRESH veggies (oh yeah, I was excited. Don’t even get me started on the fact that they were from a local farmer’s market. I am a spoiled child), which made this dinner all the more special.


There’s nothing like ending the day stuffed full of tasty food, watching the snow fall, and curling up under the covers. I’m off to dream of snow days!


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