one man’s trash

When I got home from class today, I had every intention of tackling this:


In case you cannot tell what this brightly colored and hyacinth- covered monstrosity is, it’s my laundry bag. More precisely, my chock-full-of-laundry bag. The thought of dragging it all the way downstairs to the scary basement laundry room (can we talk about why laundry machines are always in the sketchy basements of buildings? Would it be so difficult to put them in a nice, inviting area with windows? Laundry is enough of a pain to do without it involving flickering lights and scurrying creatures as well…) was just not appealing.

So I went out to dinner instead.

And during dinner, I got a text from my former roommate and current best friend who just HAPPENS to be my size,  asking if I was interested in some clothes she no longer wanted.Image

Needless to say, I no longer feel the need to do laundry! After seeing what fit and what didn’t, I was even inspired to organize my closet to accomodate the influx of clothes.



I think Daniel and Barack are pleased with my efforts 🙂

I absolutely love trading/receiving clothes from my friends. They may be hand-me-downs, but any clothes feel new to me, even if they’ve been gently worn. Knowing that this friend is my size also saved me the hassle of trying on the wrong size in store, not to mention going shopping at all. I am lucky to have such generous and fashionable friends!

When I was going through my closet, I also took the time to put all of my scarves in one drawer. It was really fun because all of my scarves have been gifts and most are souvenirs from friends’ and family’s worldwide excursions. This drawer alone had scarves from India, Israel, Pakistan, Italy, England, and good ol’ America in it.


All of that modeling and organizing really tuckered me out, but I think that with all of these new acquisitions I can put off a trip to the scary laundry room for at least a few more days! Success!


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