Starting a new semester always stresses me out. Classes moving around, unfamiliar faces in unfamiliar rooms, and somehow always more work than I expected. The result? A very stressed out Kat.

And a very stressed out Kat is someone who frequents the CVS candy aisle at 10:45 pm (yes, I know that it closes at 11. It’s pretty much me, my selection of junk, and the guy who vacuums the carpets judging me) to stock up on M&Ms.

When I turn into this candy-crazed person every few months weeks (did I say it was just at the beginning of the semester? Sorry. That was a lie), the best thing I can do is at least try to supplement my sugar with real food.


As much as I love paying $7 for a salad, I’m also a big fan of making my own. I can add as much dressing as I want sans judgement!



When I tell people I’m a veggie, sometimes they look at me all warily like “oh god she’s either going to lecture me on where hot dogs come from or whip out a block of tofu and start chomping on it,” neither of which have actually happened. I am also regularly informed: wow you must be so healthy!


Yeah, that’s not strictly true. Just because I don’t eat bacon by the package doesn’t mean there are plenty of unhealthy vegetarian foods.


So I do the best that I can. If I’m going to make M&Ms the focal point of my day, the least I can do is add some green around the edges, right?


Alright, time to stop staring at pictures of food and go finish Girls finish preparing for my seven hours of class tomorrow!


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